Breakthrough In Varifocal Design

Breakthrough In Varifocal Design

In recent weeks Essilor have come forward with exciting news with regards to a new design of varifocal. They have produced a varifocal which not only offers a wide field of view but also feels comfortable to wear whilst performing normal daily activities. Patients that have been previously unable to tolerate varifocals have found this new design of lens suitable and no longer have to constantly swap between distance and reading spectacles. This varifocal is not only for patients who have previously not tolerated varifocals, it is also for current varifocal wearers who want a wider feel of vision.

Until 1st January 2013 the Kingsbridge Eye Care Group are the only practice in Devon able to supply this new design of varifocal called the ‘Essilor Varilux S Series’. Therefore, why not come in to practice to discuss with one of our Dispensing Opticians the benefits of this lens and the tailormade options available.

We are pleased to promote this varifocal in the November issue of Devon Life. Please click on the link below to preview this advertisement.

KEC Varilux S Series: Devon Life Advert

We have also created a presentation detailing some of the aspects of this new varifocal design. Please click on the link below to view and do not hesitate to contact the practice to find out more.