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Diabetes Awareness Week

10th June 2019 - 16th June 2019

Raising awareness of diabetes and what changes people can make in order to reduce their risk is the main aim of the charity. There are 4.6 million Type 1 sufferers and an estimated 12.3 million people are potential type 2 diabetics. Having Diabetes means that you are more at risk of Diabetic Retinopathy because if your blood sugar levels and blood pressure are high all the time, this can cause serious damage to blood vessels, of which, your eyes have many. The blood vessels in the eye help to supply blood to the retina, however if these vessels get damaged, they can leak, get blocked, or grow randomly. Because of these damaged blood vessels the retina isn’t getting the blood it needs and so can’t work properly, which means that your vision will not work properly.


10th June 2019
16th June 2019