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Retinal Photography

At the Kingsbridge Eyecare Group we offer retinal photography. With the images the Optometrist can enlarge, enhanced and examine the back of your eye more closely. Then by storing these images, changes to the retina can be seen and monitored at a much earlier stage. Such changes may be a result from diabetic retinopathy, hypertension, thrombosis, naevi (moles) etc. The test involves two to three flashes of light in either eye just like a normal camera flash. The machine does not touch your eyes.

With the latest Zeiss Visucam 200 camera we are now able to track and detect signs of macular changes like AMD with high definition images. By calculating the thickness of the macular pigment, we can advise patients on lifestyle and dietary changes that they can make to optimise their macular health. This test is recommended for all patients 5 yrs +.The photos will be stored until your next visit when subsequent photos can be compared in the smallest detail to show any early signs of change.

Retinal Photograph – back of the eye.


Zeiss Visucam 200 camera


updated October 2016