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The Eye Examination

Kingsbridge Eye Care and Nigel Frost Optometrist  offer a comprehensive range of eye examinations using state of the art equipment. The eye examinations range from the Platinum, Silver and Standard Sight Test. All routine eye examinations will be started using our high tech screening equipment.

The Screening Checks

Tests carried out include measurement of the pressure of your eye by means of a small puff of air on both eyes. Our pressure measurement equipment is one of the quickest, patient friendly machines available, making your test easier and more comfortable. This is one of the tests used to detect and monitor glaucoma.

A check of your field of vision will be carried out using the latest screening technology, this can provide early detection of many conditions including glaucoma. Finally a machine is used to measure the curvature of your eye and approximate prescription of your eyes. Following this comprehensive screening you will be taken in to see your optometrist for your Eye Examination.

The Eye Examination

As some eye conditions can be hereditary and others can be related to your general health, during your eye examination your Optometrist will ask you about your and your family’s eye and medical history. It would be useful for you to have a list of medications with you at your appointment.

Your vision will than be measured using a letter chart. You will then be asked a series of questions as the optometrist determines what prescription lenses will correct your vision to the fullest.

During the tests the optometrist will also check that the muscles of your eyes are working well. They will also look at your eyes using a bright light to check that both the inside and outside of your eyes appears healthy.

At the end of these tests the optometrist will discuss the results with you and make a recommendation on spectacles or further tests that may be required.

There are many different types of spectacle lenses available including single vision lenses, bifocals, varifocals, computer lenses, vocational lenses, tinted lenses and many more. The optometrist will discuss the best type of lenses for you based on your needs.

Following your eye examination your optometrist may recommend further tests:

updated October 2016