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Eye Examinations

Eye ExamThe Kingsbridge Eye Care Group offer a comprehensive range of Eye Examinations, however before you see your optometrist you’ll have an eye Health screening, where the optical assistant will check for any underlying eye health conditions. It is important to tell your optometrist about any medical issues or any medication you may be taking as some conditions and medications can affect your eye sight. We will also ask about any hereditary conditions, such as diabetes or glaucoma.

The Screening checks

Visual Field TestVisual Field screening

This is used to detect any blind spots in your field of vision, you’ll be asked to look at a spot in the centre of the screen and press a button any time you see a flash or a flicker.




This measures the curvature of your eyes and also gives us an approximate reading of your current prescription.



Non Contact TonometerNon-contact tonometer

This machine blows a couple of small puffs of air into your eyes, so that we can test the pressure of the eye and highlight more serious conditions, such as glaucoma.




This gives us an ultra-widefield retinal photograph so that the optometrist can quickly and efficiently detect vision impairment or blindness, but also life threatening disease such as some cancers, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. You’ll be asked to look into the machine one eye at a time, and you will see a flash of light to let you know that the image has been taken.



The Eye Examination

Your optometrist will measure your vision using a snellen chart, this is the chart that uses a series of letters of all different sizes. You’ll be asked to read from the chart to determine the power of your eye sight. Your Optometrist will also ask you a series of questions to choose the right prescription to correct your vision. During the test the optometrist will check that the muscles of your eyes are working as they should, and will carry out checks of both the inside and outside of the eye, to ensure that everything appears healthy. Following your Eye examination the optometrist may recommend further tests:

When the eye test is complete, your optometrist will discuss the results with you and make a recommendation on any corrective lenses you may need, they will also discuss the eye health and answer any questions you may have.

Need new glasses?

With the help of our friendly Dispensing Opticians, you’ll find a pair of new glasses that are perfect for you. Whether you’re looking for top of the range Varifocals, Designer frames, or just something that won’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered with a wide variety of tastes and budgets. We’ll also make minor alterations to frames to ensure the best possible fit, and advise you on which type of lens would suit you best.