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MediFlex Contact Lenses

MediFlex Contact Lenses

There’s a mediflex contact lens to suit every routine, lifestyle, budget and prescription.

With mediflex you have more choice than ever, with a wide-ranging portfolio of contact lenses and solutions. The mediflex contact lens portfolio is only available via independent optical practices, working in partnership with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and related products.

Prescribed by Professionals.

You can be assured that the mediflex contact lens portfolio is prescribed by professionals. With the mediflex portfolio we can support you through a lifetime of contact lens wear.

Our mediflex portfolio – created with you in mind.

We can offer you a truly comprehensive range of contact lenses from super-value choices for short wear-times to high-performance lenses for longer days.

We have contact lenses that are perfect for new wearers, seasoned wearers, and dual wearers.

Your Eye Care Professional and optical retail staff will help you consider the lenses best for you based on your routine, lifestyle, budget and prescription.

Our mediflex’ contact lens portfolio

With mediflex you get a wide range of choice and this guide gives a summary of the portfolio available. Your contact lens selection will be influenced by your routine, lifestyle, budget and prescription. A good place for you to start is considering a daily or monthly disposable routine…

MediFlex Contact Lenses

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